Getting started with AppsFlyer gaming and CTV integrations

AppsFlyer empowers gaming marketers to make better decisions by providing powerful tools to perform cross-platform attribution.

Game attribution requires the game to integrate an AppsFlyer SDK that records first opens, consecutive sessions, and in-app events. For example, purchase events.

We recommend you use this sample app as a reference for integrating an AppsFlyer SDK into your apps.

Gaming and CTV SDKs

The AppsFlyer Software Development Kits (SDKs) and plugins are the primary way to tap into our ever-growing ecosystem of digital marketing services. By integrating the SDKs, you get out-of-the-box access to attribution, as well as access to many other SDK features.



Meta Quest (Oculus)

Native PC

Windows SDK (legacy) supports only MS Windows App Store installs.
Any other PC app that does not fall into the above categories (Microsoft Store, Steam, or Epic) should fall under native PC.