Creating a direct click URL


This method requires v2.4.0 and above


This method is an extension to Smart Script

Make sure you read the Smart Script implementation and arguments


This method provides support for creating a click URLs, to be used mainly by non mobile platforms (e.g. Steam, CTVs etc). When the click is matched to an installation, an attribution will be noted.


Argumen Catatan Contoh








Objek konfigurasi untuk sumber media

  • Kode: ['incoming_mediasource'' 'utm_source']
  • Nilai penimpaan: {twitter: 'twitter_int', orig_src: 'new_src'}
  • Nilai default: ['any_source']


Objek konfigurasi untuk kampanye

  • Kode: ['incoming_campaign', 'utm_campaign']
  • Nilai penimpaan: {campaign_name: 'new_campaign_name'}
  • Nilai default: ['any_campaign_name']


Objek konfigurasi untuk saluran

  • Kode: ['saluran_masuk', 'saluran_utm']
  • Nilai penimpaan: {video: 'new_video'}
  • Nilai default: ['any_video']


Objek konfigurasi untuk iklan

  • Kode: ['incoming_ad', 'utm_ad']
  • Nilai penimpaan: {ad_name: 'new_ad_name'}
  • Nilai default: ['any_ad_name']

Objek konfigurasi untuk adset

  • Kode: ['incoming_adset', 'utm_adset']
  • Nilai penimpaan: {'adset_name': 'new_adset_name'}
  • Nilai default: ['any_adset_name']
Parameter kueri (khusus) lainnya
  • Daftar parameter lain yang ingin Anda sertakan dalam URL OneLink keluar untuk atribusi atau deep linking, bersama dengan objek konfigurasinya.
  • Nama parameter khusus dicantumkan oleh pengembang sebagai paramKey di objek konfigurasi.
  • paramKey: 'deep_link_sub1'
  • Kode: ['page_id']
  • Nilai override: {page12: 'new_page12'}
  • Nilai default: 'halaman1'
platform A string describes the platform. MUST be from this list:
  • smartcast
  • tizen
  • roku
  • webos
  • vidaa
  • playstation
  • android
  • ios
  • steam
  • quest
  • battlenet
  • "steam"
    app_id ID aplikasi "123456"
    redirectURL The URL the user will be redirected ""

    Code example for a Steam game

    //Initializing Smart Script arguments
    // If a media source key is NOT FOUND on the link and NO default value is found, the script will return a null string 
    var mediaSource = {keys: ["my_media_source"], defaultValue: "my_default_media_source"};
    var campaign = {keys: ["my_campaign"], defaultValue: "my_default_campaign"};
    //Calling the function after embedding the code will be through a global parameter on the window object called window.AF_SMART_SCRIPT
    //Onelink URL is generated
    var result = window.AF_SMART_SCRIPT.generateDirectClickURL({
        mediaSource: mediaSource,
        campaign: campaign
      platform: 'steam',
      app_id: '123456',
    var result_url = "No output from script"
    if (result) {
      result_url = result.clickURL;            

    See example of the conversion of an incoming URL to an outgoing direct click URL for a Steam game.